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About Flat Stanley

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Flat Stanley Book Cover from Wikimedia  

Flat Stanley's ancestors include a special Flat Stanley that starred in children's books written by Jeff Brown starting back in 1964. That was 45 years ago, so many different Flat Stanleys have come along in the meantime.


You can find the Flat Stanley books on Amazon.com.

The book cover at left is an image from Wikimedia.



Teachers liked the name, "Flat Stanley", for someone that lives flat on a page and could lay flat in an envelope. So they decided to use that name for teaching children about reading, writing, and learning about new places in the world. Suddenly, a whole lot of new Flat Stanleys were born in schools and sent my mail to friends and family.


Flat Stanley, the beginning  

Later, Dale Hubert, a 3rd grade teacher from Ontario, Canada started The Flat Stanley Project  and a lot of teachers shared ideas about how to use Flat Stanley for learning projects.


A new Flat Stanley baby is born when a teacher copies Flat Stanley's outline on a new page and gives him to a student to share with their friend or family.



Flat Stanley is just a popular name for the project or activity. Sometimes people like to give their "Flat Stanley" a different name like Flat Clara, Flat Janice, Flat Juan, or Flat Min for example. That way "Flat Stanley" can be a boy or girl or have a name that fits better with a specific culture. The world is now full of Flat Stanleys, each with his/her own name, culture, and adventures.


Flat Stanley can play a special role in the education of a child, but can sometimes have greater impact on the adult that takes Flat Stanley under their wing. The magic usually happens when the adult begins to take on the inquisitive, open, searching eyes and heart of a child. So many adults have lost that natural curiosity and continue to take for granted all that surrounds them. Sometimes, Flat Stanley can break that down. Suddenly, sunrises, sunsets, bright leaves, unusual objects, interesting vistas take on a whole new shape when the adult wonders what would excite the child.



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