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About His Stay Part 2

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Visiting Bill & Sandy



Flat Stanley learned about palm trees, citrus fruit, pineapples, life along the shore, and other interesting things.


You can click on the links or go see a list on Flat Stanley's Learned Along the Way page.


Flat Stanley also visited other family in Florida. Grammy's sister, Sandy and her husband, Bill, (from Medina, NY) live up in Dade City, not far from Zephyrhills, where great grandmother Wood used to live.


Grampi showed Flat Stanley several types of palm trees there.  You can see short fat ones and very tall ones in the Photo Album on Flickr.

Spanish Moss - Grampi  

Flat Stanley was most interested in all the Spanish Moss hanging from the oak trees. Spanish moss is not really moss at all, but a flowering plant.


Spanish moss grows where it is warm and humid and it grows on other plants, mostly trees and bushes. Sometimes it is called an Air Plant because it looks like it lives in the air.


Spanish moss does not really hurt the plants it lives on, but it can block the sunlight going to the tree's leaves and slow the growth of the tree. Sometimes, the extra weight of the moss can cause more damage to the tree in a heavy windstorm.


Grampi was going to bring some Spanish moss home for Flat Stanley, but it could be a problem taking plants out of state.


You can see more photos on the Flickr Photo Album.


Flat Stanley and Hugs liked to ride on the dashboard of the car so they could see neat things out the window. Sometimes Flat Stanley got out to be in the photo and sometimes he just watched from the car with Hugs.


Hugs made a great lookout.


He spotted the trucks full of oranges and the orange processing plant.


  Hugs and Grammy Hugs, Flat Stanley, and Grampi  
Citrus - Orange Trucking   Flatstanley FL Feb 2009Orange Processing Plant with Trucks
    Continue Flat Stanley and Hug's adventures - Part 3,


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