About His Stay

Flat Stanley's Florida Outfit 


Dressed for Florida


Flat Stanley's new Hat and Sunglasses



About His Stay


During his stay in Florida, Flat Stanley had to dress for the weather in Florida, visit people and places in Florida, and gather infomation to share with you.


Clothing and Stuff


Grammy and Grampi bought him some summer clothes,  sandals, hat, and sunglasses at some neat thrift stores in Vero Beach, Florida,


They like to shop at thrift stores that provide help to others with the money they earn, like Goodwill and To Every Nation Thrift Store.


Flat Stanley liked the bright tropical shirt and tan shorts  They were good for the warmer weather of Florida. The sandals gave him a beach feel and air in his toes.


The hat kept the very bright sun off of his face and he liked the words "You Shine" because it fit the weather in Florida and his personality.


The sunglasses kept him from squinting too much


They also bought him a palm tree bathing suit. They thought - hey there are lots of palm trees here in Florida. They put the bathing suit on the back yard next to the palm tree and took a picture. Flat Stanley liked the idea and was anxious to try on the bathing suit,  



Palm Tree in Sebastian

  Palm Tree Trunk with Palm Tree Bathing Suit  

Dressed for Florida



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