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Palm Trees

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Palm trees are interesting trees that like to live in Florida.


Florida has a very warm climate. The weather is just right for palm trees because it is seldom below freezing.


Palm trees also like to grow in desert country in the Middle East, such as the Holy Lands. You may have read about Palm Sunday and have seen some palm trees in Bible stories. Click here or here. for a "Palm Sunday" coloring page. 


The palm tree on the right is in Annie's back yard on the lake in Sebastian. We used the trunk of the tree to display Flat Stanley's new palm tree bathing suit. Flat Stanley got tickled about the tree and the bathing suit and wanted to try it right on - even before he had been "colored in".


Some Palm Trees:

Here are some different palm trees - click on them to see them on Flat Stanley's Photo Album.

Palm Tree in SebastianPalm Tree Trunk with Palm Tree Bathing Suit  Flat Stanley's Palm Tree Bathing Suit



Short Thick Palm Tree  Tall Palm Tree  Palm Tress have Nuts

Flat Stanley Interesting Items 
Flat Stanley also brought back a piece of a palm tree trunk to show how they grow, get pruned and have lichten on them. You can read more about this on the Palm Tree Trunk page. Piece of Palm Tree Trunk

 You can find more detailed information about Palm Trees;

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