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Travel Journal

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Flat Stanley Travel Journal


I traveled all the way to Sebastian, Florida, USA by US Mail.  I visited several cities in Florida. I flew back to Dulles Airport in Virginia from Tampa, Florida and later drove to Webster, NY.


While I was there, here are some of the exciting things I did and saw:

  • shopped for Florida clothes at a thrift store

  • went to the shore and saw Pelicans, sea shells, barnacles, coral rock, the Indian River, the Atlantic Ocean, and sandy beaches

  • saw lots of palm trees of different sizes and types - some had palm nuts on them

  • saw Spanish moss growing on Live Oak and other trees.

  • spotted things along the way like a fire truck, race car, frozen strawberries, turtle statue, cattle, orange tile roofs, orange groves, and an orange juice factory

  • climbed up in a grapefruit tree to look closely at the fruit

  • had a picnic on a lake in Lake Wales, FL

  • visited with family in Sebastian, FL; Dade City, FL;  Riverview, FL; South Riding, VA; and Webster, NY

  • rode in the the car with Forrest's cousin Zoe

  • went to Lollypop Animal Farm, the Strong Children's Museum

  • went with Grampi on his eye doctor and checkup appointments

  • went out to eat in restaurants and fast food places


I had to wear summer clothes and some warm cloths because the climate here is close to the tropics which means it is warm in winter, but sometimes it might dip down close to freezing overnite.


Some interesting facts about the cities where I visited include:

  • Sebastian is on the east coast of Florida on the Indian River where lots of grapefruit grows and along the Atlantic Ocean. It is home to Pelican Island, a famous refuge for pelicans (and their big beaks).
  • Riverview is on the west coast of Florida near Tampa and on the Alafia River.
  • South Riding (where cousins live) is near Dulles Airport in Virginia
  • Webster, NY is on Lake Ontario, a Great Lake next to Canada.

The above is the Travel Journal that went to the teacher at Fredericksburg Christian School when Grampi mailed Flat Stanley and his belongings by Priority Mail back to school


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